Why consultants buy creativity

Michal Hořava

​​​At the beginning of May, New Your Times reported that the consulting company Accenture acquired the creative agency Droga5. This agency, with its 500+ employees, will become a part of Accenture Interactive.

There are two reasons why this merger is interesting. First off, a business focused on strategy and consulting has joined forces with a creative company. And second, creativity as a tactical tool is experiencing a massive comeback after the era of consulting companies.

Droga5 is currently one of the most famous independent advertising agencies in the US. This company, founded by David Droga, represents creativity in its purest form. And now it is to intertwine with the culture of consulting and technological companies. These worlds could not be farther apart. One produces top-quality products in the form of TV spots and campaigns, the other makes slides with research results that are nowadays often accompanied by technical solutions. Groups of creative people will sit at the table with consultants and together look for the best solutions for the client.

This combination is definitely good news for creative people who strive to achieve more than a one-off advertisement campaign (even if it’s a successful one), but want to provide a more long-term, comprehensive customer experience. The same goal is shared also by clients who have dreamed for a long time of a supplier who can connect brand and technology via all of the client’s touchpoints. They are aware that after a decade of focusing only on technology and process automation, it is creativity and the communication method with clients that bring it all together and makes everything come to life.​

Whether the approaches and methods for satisfying the customer’s needs will join forces towards a shared goal, or whether these will remain mentally and procedurally divided as it has been in the past, is a big question. What Accenture did, though, is not unique. On the contrary, it reflects the trend of the fast-changing competitive environment. Merging of technologies, brand and creativity, which was pioneered a long time ago by Apple, is slowly but surely becoming a must for survival. This means you can expect more acquisitions of creative teams by consulting and technological companies.