Quality Assurance Services

Cleverlance is a leader in providing testing services in Czech and Slovak Republic from early stage of the company. Our current turnover in 2020 is more than 50 mio EUR, we are growing more than 10% each year. Our influence grew across the ocean to Palo Alto and Boston too.

Quality Assurance Services

In the heart
of Europe

We are located in the center of Europe. We can travel swiftly anywhere, and adapt with ease to any European culture. We support and deliver projects across the Europe and even in the US.

map of europe

QA Team

Flexibility is our greatest advantage. We can adapt to any model our customers need, and offer up to 3 ways of delivery for the client.



We know how to manage sequential, linear process. Our strength lies in the ability to plan a logical pattern easy to follow.



Our cross-functional team works best under iterative and incremental process model. It underlines our capability of cooperation.



We embrace fast resolution of problems and continuous software delivery. These skills help us to deliver stable and innovative products.

Seamless Process

1 Choose delivery team

2 Choose delivery type

3 Meet delivery contact person

4 Set up transition

5 Start delivery