How to take care of your health when you have a sedentary job

Michaela Leopoldová

​​It's been two years since I started exercising on a daily basis in Cleverlance with Office Fitness​. The lessons are a great help for sedentary jobs at a computer. The exercise doesn’t take more than 5 minutes and the stretches can be done for example during a break between meetings. You don’t have to go anywhere, which saves a lot of time. All you need to do is click with your mouse and the five-minute exercise lesson is ready for you.

You can choose from a wide range of exercises and lessons, ranging from how to properly set up your workplace, to back stretches, eye exercises, face yoga, breathing exercises to get rid of stress, as well as lessons for drivers. Yoga with Iris is very popular. A bit of stretching in the morning can do wonders for your entire day.

We can testify that when exercising regularly, it becomes a pleasant habit. You might have heard that such habits take at least 21 days to create, but the estimates in Office Fitness are even longer. It is absolutely worth it, though!

Last year, in addition to exercising, colleagues could also take part in a few competitions. One of the prizes was for example a practical screen stand, hand-made by coach Jiří Zadina from Office Fitness. Others could go to a prolonged weekend stays in the mountains or spas or enjoyed live online lessons of face yoga with an instructor. This year we’re preparing another competition: this time, the prizes will be Cleverlance hoodies. The rules will be announced soon and we plan to involve our fans on social media in the voting for the winners.​

We discussed the advantages of exercising with Martin Paták, who has been exercising with Office Fitness since 2020.

How often do you exercise with Office Fitnesss?

Recently not as much, but last year almost regularly. I exercised the most during lockdowns when I was always looking forward to the few minutes of exercise between online meetings.

Do you have a special ritual you’d like to mention?

Coffee or tea in the morning.

Have you noticed changes in your body while exercising?

My back pain from sitting incorrectly are gone, though I still have my neck pains from time to time... I must be doing something wrong.

Which lessons stuck with you the most?

Probably how to set up my chair properly. It’s not really related to exercising but I remember it, probably because it’s from a completely different environment.

Which exercises are your favourite?

All neck stretching exercises ... “tilt your head to your shoulder.. And look down...”.

What are the benefits of regularly exercising at work or in home office?

At home, it means I make a break and stretch. We all know what it’s like when working from home office, just sitting on one spot the entire day. ...At least in the office you go from one floor to another, go get lunch...

What is your message to your colleagues who don’t exercise or at least not regularly?

If you work from home, it’s a must. In the office it’s more complicated to find a moment of quiet and, most importantly, place to exercise. But we’re working on this problem already. 

Whereas last year, colleagues had to registered themselves into the program to take part, at the beginning of this year we made the exercises available to everyone at Cleverlance. Everyone can try Office Fitness and find the right lessons for them. 

Are you interested in exercising? Give it a try. Your five minute break is ready – enjoy it!